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Ellora, Maharashtra, INDIA

Nearby City: Aurangabad. By local bus,
30 minutes.
Good shopping, medical services, Train & Bus stations,
 and the Aurangabad Airport (IATA Code: IXU).

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Advaita Ananda Samadhi Ashram
Crystal Meditation Cave.

Designed and Built by an American contractor and Sadhu.
Personal Residence, Guest Quarters, Satsang Hall, Meditation Cave/Temple, Garden, and Gym Room.

Ellora is a place of fantastic ancient Buddhist, Hindu & Jain Spiritual Caves
(the "Ajanta & Ellora Caves" - A World Heritage Monument)
beautifully carved into a Volcanic Hillside, 900-1200 yrs ago.
ell-worth the visit.



Advaita Ananda Samadhi Ashram


*** Facilities for satsang, meditation, yoga … and spiritual lodging
for residence and/or visit to Ellora, with its famous caves,
and the Grushneshwar Mandir (12th Jyotirlingam) ***

Local volcanic stone
was used
in construction of internal walls,
the Meditation Cave, and garden stone walls,

giving an ancient temple/cave-like atmosphere.

quite a variety of local-area crystals are embedded in the walls through-out,
and thus … the name
"Crystal Meditation Cave".

Throughout, one will notice very little cement between the stones --
thus, one sees the beauty of the stones, crystals and stone work,
NOT a massive amount of cement, as typical of most stone masonry in India.

SaHI-GardenViewRoofTop.jpg SaHI-GardenCollage.jpg SaHI-GardenView72.jpg

    View of Entry Way, Garden, Main ashram building, and the wonderful "Samadhi Hermitage Crystal Cave".
Behind the cave (to the right) is the ashram entry gate.
Behind the windows is the Satsang Hall (see below) -- the front half of the building ;
backside -- the kitchen, bedroom, office, etc.
A toilet, washroom and meditation seat are on back-side
verandah, over-looking Ellora's "Ganga" below.
The Heart Mandir (
center photo, below) is in the middle of the Satsang Hall wall (left photo) facing the windows.
A guest room, small outdoor kitchen-deck, and the gym room are on the lower level, also overlooking Ellora's "Ganga" below.

SaHI-SatsangHall.jpg SaHI-HeartMandir.jpg SaHI-Kitchen.jpg
Satsang Hall Heart Mandir (Temple) in the Satsang Hall Ashram Kitchen

Crystal Meditation Cave

SaHI-PyramidTrisul.jpg SaHI-OmCave.jpg

SaHI-CaveInside.jpgCrystal Meditation Cave
(small sink lower right corner)

Night-time view from Bed Platform
Day-time view
(Doorway to right; small sink  below)
Doorway, with inner screen door (half-opened).

"All Religion Batik" greeting all visitors!
Guest room behind; gym Room to right.
Brand new Gym Machine!!
Guest room is behind; Gym room to the left.
Guest Room
Night-time: Gym-room entry,
& Aloe Vera garden.

Outdoor Kitchen,
2nd Gym Room entry; Guest Room Window


Meditation seat …
verandah, backside, upper level.
  Ashram kitchen is inside the door.
Ananda's Stone Hammer,
on pillar in gym room.
A memorial & affirmation that ...
"Construction work is finished!!"
Everyone got some exercise
on this job!!


Thanks for the visit!!


Ellora is a place of fantastic Ancient Buddhist, Hindu & Jain Spiritual Caves
beautifully carved into a Volcanic Hillside, 900-1200 yrs ago.

Ellora is a 30-45 minute bus ride from Aurangabad, which is
Approx. 3 hours bus from Ahmednagar;
6 hours bus from Pune;

 7 hours train from Mumbai; and,
24 hours
train from New Delhi (basically, noon to noon, one train daily).

"Ajanta & Ellora Caves" are a World Heritage Monument, well-worth the visit.

Thank you for your interest and caring; and,
may all forms of blissings and blessings be upon you.

Om Namo Narayan.

Jai Maa!



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Advaita Ananda Samadhi Ashram - Ellora, Maharastra, INDIA

Advaita Ananda Samadhi Ashram
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Ananda's Ashram and the
Samadhi Hermitage Crystal
Meditation Cave
Construction Days - 2009-2014
Six years, on and off,
our India Ashram. 
Stone walls, construction folks, etc.
Glimpses from the Past - 1994-2002
Collages and Stories of two
Indian families.
Still we are with two children from each!
Jyoti & Sagar in Mishra family;
Sita & Sagar in Tambe family.
Hearts and Faces in Stone
India Ashram Stone masonry fun!
"Miles  of Smiles"
Families & friends… in bliss!
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Shivani Puri
  Kids and families
at her Ashram
in Amar Kantak, headwaters of the Narmada Ganga.
The Roy Family, in West Bengal
  A true Gandhian family totally dedicated to village service and uplift.
Sita's Family
Sarubai Tambe Family Residence.

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