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 Advaita Ananda Samadhi Ashram, INDIA
Behind Rahul Lodge, Ellora, Dist. Aurangabad, MS 431102  Mobile: 95451-85998

Founder and Director, Francis A. Love (aka Sadhu Ananda Baba)
email:; web:

= INDIA ASHRAM FOR SALE -- FULL Collection of Pictures =

Our Director, Francis A. Love, is now "complete" with India (43 years!), so our Advaita Ananda Samadhi Ashram, in Ellora, India, is now FOR SALE. It IS a fantastic place, with the design, supervision and construction mostly by those two hands (2009-14; updated 2016) … and the stone work (also by those two hands) is quite incredible!!

Location is Magical: Ellora, home of the 12th Jyotirlinga Temple, and Ancient Ellora Caves.
— 10 minutes walk to the east, the World Heritage Monument — Ellora Caves.
— 10 minutes walk to the west, the Grushneshwar Mandir (Temple), home of the 12th Jyotirlingam.
Nearby City: Aurangabad: 30 minutes by local bus -- for shopping, good medical services, Train & Bus stations, and the Aurangabad Airport (IATA Code: IXU).

Asking: $82,500 (= 52 lakhs Rupees)
Design & Construction:
90% Ananda's supervision; & a high per cent carried out by those two professional hands. Incredibly unique stone-work throughout, unlike anything easily found in India, with lots of different crystals imbedded in the walls.
1500 sq. ft. - Half is the garden with “spiffy” stone meditation cave, and half is the main building.
Main Building:
Two levels - with accomodations, kitchen, toilet & bath on both. Sleeping: 3 dbl; 4 single, and 5-10 on floor mats in Satsang Hall. Many furnishings, equipment, tools etc.!
Lower level (half below ground level):
Two Guest-rooms (one with Gym machine). Visitor area, Backside gallery overlooking town “Ganga" (creek), 500 liter water tank, Aloe Vera garden, Electric room, etc.
Upper level (half above ground level):
Satsang Hall, private quarters with office area, main kitchen (250 ltr drinking water tank), & back-side deck overlooking the town “Ganga" (creek).
Usable deck, with 1000 ltr water tank, clothes washing/drying area & storage room. New Roof coating with White Elastomere reflective sun & water proofing.
Spiffy! Chickoo tree, Grape vine, Hisbiscus trees, Aloe Vera garden, and open garden space for growing flowers, veges, etc. A 2000 ltr water tank on garden bathing-room roof, Borewell 150 ft. deep.

FULL DETAILS ABOUT construction, "Features & Furnishings", facilities, extras, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: A Foreign Citizen MAY need an Indian friend for ownership. Foreigners can only purchase property in India if they are in India for more than 184 days (tourist visa is 180 days), thus on some form of resident, study, etc. visa. HOWEVER, since it is now "foreigner-owned", this ruling may not apply -- just as in the old Missionary days. I am inquiring about this from India advocate friends.