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Jyoti, Ruby, Sagar, Gautam
"Love" photos during my visit in October, 2002

During my visits in October, 2002; and April 2003 we had lots of fun,
 which the following photo collages show nicely.
I am sure you will enjoy seeing all the love, and the happy faces.

MishraCollageNav.html Mishra Family Photo Collage (1994-2002)
Photo Collage of Ruby (1994-2002)
Photo Collage of Gautam (1994-2002)
Photo Collage of Jyoti (1994-2002)
Photo Collage of Sagar (1999-2002)
Jyoti Dancer Collage (April, 2003)
Cool Kids Collage (April, 2003)
Ruby & Ganga Collage - the Newlyweds (April, 2003)
RubyEyes Collage 1994-2003
Ruby's Marriage in Ganga Collage (dec. 2002)
Party Time Collage (oct.-dec.2002)

The Bliss Book - 2003-4
The 2004-5 Bliss Book

I believe it is since 1990, that we have supported the Mishra family in so many wonderful ways.
At one time, they were living in an abandoned cow shed.
Now they have a secure place to live -- a small piece of land and their own home --
the kids go to English medium school, have nice clothes, good health, bicycles, roller skates...and happiness!

In December of 1999, we purchased a plot of land near Anandamayee Ma's ashram in Kankhal (Haridwar), India.

From 2000-2003, donated funds enabled them to construct a home.
In April, 2003, Gautam, Jyoti and Sagar entered English medium school;
Gautam is now finished, seeking employment in a difficult time to do so.

They have very little income.
Amar was a chappati (flat bread) maker for most of his life,
barely earning the food money to feed his family of 4 kids;
now, he is a night time security guard.

We tried a tea stall in his small village area .. but that failed,
so, we have provided most of the family support from 2000-2010.

We saved Ruby from the common "poor folks early teenage marriage" (15-16 yrs age);
then at 20 years of age, she got married in Dec. of 2003 to a fellow named Ganga.

Yes, this is all an incredible gift and uplift in life for a previously homeless and financially poor family.
For them, god walked into their lives, manifesting quite an incredible and wonderful change.

Their gratefulness, however, was easily matched by my own, not only for their presence in my life,
but also for the opportunity to affect and see such changes and wonder in their lives...
to have truly and visibly made such a difference in life for an entire family.

The English Medium School costs approximately $1000 per year for Jyoti and Sagar,
which includes transportation and a private tutor.

This expense the Samadhi Hermitage will continue to bear until they graduate.

We are still supporting the family, altho currently (2010) we are engaged in a small business project
which we hope will enable them to be self-sufficient.

It is important to do so, for they as well as ourselves.
Rentable rooms, with private kitchen and bath are being constructed on a small piece of land;
however we lack funds to complete this work.

Any and all donations will surely be appreciated to help with these expenses.

Thank you very much for your kind consideration of this matter.

How to Help?

Please, send your tax-deductible contribution payable to:

Samadhi Hermitage Inc.
P. O. Box 4164
Santa Fe, NM 87502

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, so your contribution is tax-deductible.
No amount is too small or too large.
If you wish, please mention "Mishra family" in the memo area of your check.

If you wish to visit, their address is:

Amar and Heera Mishra
Anand Bhawan
1167 Hazari Bagh
Kankhal, Haridwar 249 408

Haridwar means "Gateway to the Gods",
as it is the point from which one journeys to Rishikesh, the Place of Rishi's (saints),
and then into the Himalayan Mtns.

Here are some photos taken during the Land Purchase week, December, 1999


frontrear view

    The house  under construction in August, 2001.


Thank you very much.

Francis Ananda Love


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