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SPPD’s Mission:
To make access to Education and Health, Food and Shelter a reality for children living in rural parts of Central Tamilnadu dry land farming area and to achieve annual reductions in the school dropout rate.

To further this Mission SPPD:
  • Provides women and other vulnerable members of society - oppressed castes - with the tools to attain socio - economic and political power.

  • Promotes sustainable agriculture through research and education in eco-friendly dry land farming methods.

  • Combats the rise in HIV/AIDS through support groups for its victims, and education and awareness programmes within their communities.


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The page below is a status and success report on our programs and services as of  October, 2002
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New Community Centre
women empowerment group meeting

The Society for Poor People's Development (SPPD) is a leading registered community developmental organization, established in 1995 at Thannirpalli Village, in central Tamil Nadu, India.  We are currently working in some deprived parts of Thatheingarpet Panchayet and Musiri Union in the Trichy District of Tamil Nadu, which comprises around 100,000 people.  Our primary focus is on economic development and social awareness for women; educational assistance for the children; organic farming and water management for the farmers; and other wise and useful guidance on health, sanitation, nutrition and the environment in general.

Man is born in a social dynamic which often does not grant equality and equal opportunity to all people.  In many families, villages and countries women and children are frequently treated as second-class citizens. SPPD is dedicated specifically in service to the education, development and uplift of village women and children; and thereby, all village people. Many of our community development programs are designed to help women stand on their own, and also contribute to the financial support of their family. In essence, we serve and guide the health, education and well-being of all people, for by serving the women and children, we serve all humanity.

Our secretary, J. Raju was privileged to be selected by the Tamil Nadu Voluntary Health Association (TNVHA) to give training to educators on the importance of including women, children and the disabled in all programs for education, development and uplift.  This also serves as a wonderful recognition and acknowledgment of the good works of SPPD.

This  report  explains the nature of our programs and financing, with highlights of our experiences.  Thank you for your visit.


Women's self-help group meeting at rented building
Village women in a training program

J. Raju in discussion with village women.

A women's education program


In order to assist impoverished village women to achieve self-reliance in all respects, SPPD has initiated the development of  83 self-help groups (53 of these in 2001-2002) in various villages throughout Trichy District. Thus far, the groups total approximately 1000 members, with 624 being added during 2001-2.  A credit system with loan facilities; skill and leadership training; and awareness programs in such subjects as legal matters, health care, child care, sanitation and the environment are all underway. Photo shows village women in a training program.


loan scheme support for coconut leaf roofing self help program with women

Every woman, not only group members may participate in this system.  Every month they save some amount theirselves into this scheme, and they also have a right to obtain a low interest loan for essential needs. Furthermore, SPPD also gives loans as revolving funds to women in need.  These loans are utilized for many essentials such as buying cattle, home repair, developing a small business or shop, agricultural expenses, and many other activities.   Photos show coconut leaf weaving for roofing materials, a women's self-help village industry.
Thus far:
The village women have personally saved nearly 150,000 rupees into this loan scheme; their savings, of course, is always available to them for withdrawal when they need. The SPPD Revolving Fund has also been assisted by donations from supporters, both within India and abroad, as well as thru some bank loans. Likewise, the Tamil Nadu Government has granted 50,000 rupees to the revolving fund, through the DRDA scheme, as their acknowledgement and support of this program. SPPD has contributed some 240,000 rupees to the revolving fund; so the total revolving fund now approximates 426,000 rupees. Therefore, the personal savings of the members have been centralized and strictly managed by SPPD; and, combined with funds from SPPD, have been revolving among people, in service to the people. Everyone has a right to draw a loan from the collective funds in this scheme. The total number of beneficiaries is 169 women, especially 90 in the past year. We are very happy to report that 94% have been able to repay their loans; and, 98% have successfully fulfilled the purpose of the loans without any failure.


SPPD has initiated three training units for the women, in tailoring, synthetic gem cutting and greeting cards.  The training comprises theory, practical classes, guideline books, loan facility to purchase machines, and guidance on effective business management and marketing of the finished products. As the training programs complete in one area, the training centers move on to other villages in the district. Photo shows the village president providing machines to the trainees after finishing their tailoring course.

SPPD village president presenting tailoring machines


Thus far:
84 women have been trained in tailoring, 24 having done so this year;
46 women have been trained in synthetic gem-cutting, 22 having done so this year; and,
167 women have been trained in manufacture of greeting cards; 27 having done so this year.
During the past year the training centers have also earned about 9,500 rupees by marketing and service charges.


           Through counseling by concerned experts and other effective means, this unit offers workshops and training programs relating to the environment, health care, child care, nutrition, immunization, safe drinking water, and importance of sanitary latrine and other wise sanitation practices.


An S.P.P.D. village classromEvening village school in Valavanthi village

The initial stages of this training program concentrate mainly on the guidance of poor students to realize the essentials of life and the value of education.  To date, six free evening educational guidance centers have been established at different villages during evening hours, and 250 students are currently participating. This program provides educational assistance and materials (notebooks, pens, pencils, and sports equipment); counseling on health care, nutrition, and sanitation; sports competitions, yoga sessions, cultural events and dance, yearly tours, and guidance to the parents.
Thus far, about 1000 poor students have benefited from the various aspects of this program. A 7 month old female child named Thamaraiselvi of Valavanthi village has also been supported for cleft lip surgery. We can assure that, within our limits, we are keenly ready to implement any sort of welfare schemes if needs arise.



Recognizing the decaying situation of  agriculture and the scarcity of water, SPPD has extended its hands to the environmental field as well.  Sufficient land has been purchased for a model organic farm at which comprehensive trainings (theory and practical) will be given to farmers on organic agriculture and water management. We intend that the proposed model organic farm will be rendering its requisite assistance to the farmers during the next year.

Photos show Self-help Kitchen Gardening Schemes using grey water irrigation; and plants grown in the SPPD nursery.

Community Center

pump house on 1/2 acre land for community center.
We are so happy to propose construction of a Community Center for women and children.   Training programs, community meetings, workshops and so many other village services can result. Presently many training programs are held in a rented building or even under the trees, so this building is vital.  We have purchased 1\2 acre of land in Soriyampatti village, the area has been fenced, and a small mud house has been built. A well was drilled to pump water from 250 ft. below the earth's surface, and a hut (please see photo) was built to protect the pump, and for storage purposes.  We plan to start construction of the Community Center building in February or March as we are expecting some donations to  start this, and have full faith further donations will arrive in time to finish the project.

Foreign Visitor and Volunteer Program

Mr. Martin, from England, visiting our tailoring center
As a village uplift and social work organization, people from foreign countries (especially young folk) are beginning to contact SPPD for the opportunity to do volunteer work with us in the villages. Such volunteer work is an invaluable experience for the foreign visitors as well as for our own selves·a true exchange of hearts, wisdom, love and labor. We will make arrangements for you to stay with a village family, if you wish; and, as you know this would be a lifetime memory in the hearts of all. If you are so inspired, please do not hesitate to send an email and come for a visit.  We would love to meet you, and share our daily life and services with you. Photo shows Mr. Martin, from England, visiting our tailoring center.

Thank you

We still need your continuing support, as the programs are vast and ever-ready for expansion.  Even a small contribution is a big boost to the village people. You can support SPPD through your valuable suggestions,  voluntary physical help, and donations of cash and equipment. We are young and dedicated to do as much service as time, donations and volunteer help permit.

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