Samadhi Hermitage - INDIA

Residence, Guest Quarters, Satsang Hall, Meditation Cave and Ashram for Ananda

The purpose is to provide:

*** facilities for sadhana ... satsang, meditation, and yoga for local villagers as well as visitors from elsewhere;
*** "spiritual lodging"  for visitors and friends who wish to visit Ellora and it's famous caves;
*** an Indian home base for Ananda, who now prefers to live in India, more-so than in USA;
*** a place for Ananda to host his friends .. Sadhus and those who are not .. who wish to visit him at Ellora; and,
*** a future place for Sita and Sagar Tambe to serve local villagers in whatever ways they choose to develop theirselves in.

This Hermitage is currently under construction,
with a goal of fall 2010 for completion of facilities sufficient to receive visitors.

We are building internal walls, and other places, from local volcanic stone to give an ancient temple/cave-like atmosphere.
Some very l
arge old volcanic stone blocks were used in the style of old India temples,
to make the "Samadhi Hermitage Heart-Temple Meditation Cave" ... next picture!

Three guest rooms are planned for the lower level, overlooking Ellora's very small "Holy Ganga" River (creek). 
One has been completed; and a small outdoor kitchen-deck is also down there.

  Behind the windows is a hall for Yoga, Meditation, Satsang, etc. That's the front half of the building. The Heart Mandir photo (below right) is in that front half, facing the windows. Behind the Heart Mandir wall is Ananda's living quarters and kitchen
  The Verandah wall (photos near end) is on the backside, providing a 5 foot wide verandah overlooking the creek (the village "Ganga") below.
Entry and garden from the Hermitage building doorway. The walls behind Banana trees is the "Heart Temple Meditation Cave" (see photos below). Behind that, the entry gate to the property.  At left of Banana Garden is the green shower room & water tank in photo to left On the right side Kaboucha squash, and seedless grape vines (babies). Various veges interspersed also.


Ananda's "cave"
One stone wall remains to be constructed .. on right side where the blue glove sits ..  this wall will separate the kitchen from the computer desk which will be in that corner of his cave .. yep, where else to put it??
Heart Mandir (temple) in the Satsang Hall
Below is an earlier shot of this when under construction; and,
it can also be seen in the middle of the upper photo of the satsang hall.
"Samadhi Hermitage Heart-Temple Meditation Cave"
Constructed in 5 days, by friend JT Grosch (mostly) and "crew".
The Heart-Temple wall on the cave
Ananda and JT Grosch  (October, 2010)
"The Crew!!"
JT, Stacey, and Yuki came for a 3 week visit, which included a two week "masonry marathon" to construct the "Heart-Temple Meditation Cave", as well as other walls in the Ashram building.
Yes, we had a blast, and that is Sita, Mom, & Sagar who also helped alot.
 Ananda's first old stone project .. using the old stones to construct a giant plant pot for a Chickoo/Saporta tree
It is just off the lower right corner in the picture to the left.
Work Crew 2008 & 09
That's Sagar, Sita's brother and my very good work buddy.
We did that floor we are sitting on together;
and he has also helped with so many other things.
Great attitude; not much of a lazy bone in his body.
Later he will be a great sadhu!!

SaHHeartMandir.jpg SaHVerandahMeditationThrone.jpg
Heart Mandir (Temple)
Meditation "Throne" in the Verandah Wall
SaHVerandahWall.jpg SaHI-WallintheMaking.jpg
Verandah - backside of the window is Ananda's bed.
A wall in the making. The upper-most stone here, is lower left of Heart Mandir picture (above, left).

That's Sita and Sagar's mom (Sarubai) on the right, with that big stone on her head!

and, here is our most precious Sita and Sagar visiting the Hermitage!
Meal Time with Sagar and Sita.
Chapatti and veges in the evening; a dozen or more Bananas & other fruit are Ananda's diet throughout the next day of Stone masonry.

The "Samadhi Hermitage-India" is here to serve your visit to India,
as is Sita's family and home ... the "Advaita Ananda Samadhi Ashram".


If you are coming to India, and any this feels of interest to you, then please come for a visit.

This and a few other pages are under construction .. as is the Hermitage itself ..
so please check back for updates, more pics, etc.

Thank you for your interest and caring. 

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  Amita can also provide her service at the Hermitage if you wish.
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HERMITAGE and ASHRAM in Ellora, Maharashtra;
and Ananda's fantastic stone masonry in building it.
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Stories and pictures of the FAMILIES we support in India … and other fun stuff too!
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Would you like to help with our social work in India?

For assistance to poor folks in any 3rd world country, no amount is too small or too large.

In India: $20/month = private English language school for one child at Elementary level;
         $50/month = basic necessities for a single-mom family, 3 kids;
$100/month = fairly well full monthly expenses.

         $10-20/month is not a hardship for most of us, yet it can do wonders for social work in India and elsewhere.
If one wishes, Internet Banking enables fixed monthly donations as well as random. 
Soon we intend to set up a PayPal account.
Bank-toBank Transfer to Samadhi Hermitage Account:
U.S.BankAcct. #155919133449; ABA Number:  #107002312

Via personal check, payable (and send) to:
Samadhi Hermitage
7 Peaceful Way
Madrid, NM 87010

Samadhi Hermitage, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization since 1995.
All donations are tax-deductible; and in advance, we thank you SO much. 
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Telephone: (505-473-3560)

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