World Citizens Peace Letter

Dear Friends,

We have all seen so many ideas about how to resolve the current issues of war and terrorism.  Many have mixed feelings about all the emails we receive, appreciating as well as wishing there was not so much.  There are so many opinions floating around, many being of the same old "soup" into which the world has dipped for attempts at resolution. Yet, in the hearts of all, of everyone, there is the wish that Utopia would arrive, so that true world peace would be here in our lifetime.  But guess long as it is kept in some future Utopia, that is where it will remain.

Many people object to the efforts of those who oppose the war, justifying their objections by quoting the atrocities of Saddam Hussein.  However, the only true solution, as we all know in our own personal life and relationships, does not come from just pointing a finger of blame, but also in looking at one's own self, AND acknowledging to our partner where we goofed.  It is called "coming clean", from the heart and with humility, and is truly invitational, not confrontational.

So, here is my proposal for accessing true world peace and resolution of the middle east crisis, which goes far beyond the current situation.

      Imagine the impact on the world and the present situation, if America came clean, speaking from the heart, and said:

      "Yes, we have erred in our Middle East policy over the past 60 or more years. We armed Iraq to conquer Iran, when some of Iran's spiritual people kicked out the most corrupt dictator, our friend, the Shah of Iran (although it was okay when America's spiritual people took independance from British rule); and we have not settled the Palestinian situation with Israel, and have done plenty other dirty politics out of fear rather than faith, true friendship, and truly trusting in God (which means acting in a manner of truth, not deceit and fear).

      "Furthermore, here are some other facts of our mis-behavior...

      "So, dear world, that's just some of the story of how unwholesome our world politics has been; and, we now invite that all nations come together and create a true and lasting friendship as the only safe and wise way out of this dangerous mess we are all in right now.  We invite all countries, as well as our own selves, to think, speak, and act according to whatever our spiritual/religious teachings are...for at the core of ALL is a message of truth, honesty, faith, love and respect...not deceit, fear, and control relative to our relations with others.  We invite a sincere commitment of all people and all nations to aid (not seek to control or destroy) each other, irrespective of caste, color, religion, economic position, or political beliefs. WE INVITE A NEW WORLD ORDER, an EXISTENCE WHICH IS "US AND THEM"  not "US OR THEM"; and, INVITE PEACEFUL AND HEARTFUL RESOLUTION OF THE CURRENT GLOBAL CRISIS AS A STEPPING STONE TOWARDS BRINGING WORLD PEACE OUT OF A FUTURE UTOPIA INTO THE PRESENT MOMENT OF OUR LIVES.  AFTER ALL, THE WORLD DOES BELONG TO ALL OF US; AND WE ALL NEED TO LEARN HOW TO SERVE THAT BETTER THAN WE HAVE."

and invite an action and effort unprecedented in world history.

If we always think the way we always thought, we always get what we always got.

There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth -- not going all the way, and not starting -Buddha

So, that's my take on it all.
If you believe in this message, please email it to President George W. Bush.....
and to your politicians, friends, and anywhere else you feel it might help.
thanks alot,
love and hugs,
francis ananda love


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