The Bliss Book


These photographs were taken between October of 2003 and January of 2004 by myself, Ananda Love, and my two blissful families in India...the Mishra family in Haridwar, and Sarubai's family in Ellora. I call this book "Bliss", for it certainly is a beautiful display of the many forms of bliss we all enjoyed together. This is a picture story of superb love & joy, during the wonderful times I spent: (1) with the Mishra family for the first ever visit of the younger three Mishra kids to the Himalayas, and then at their home during birth of Ruby's first child, Lakshmi; (2) a month spent with Sarubai & her children, as we remodeled her restaurant; and then, (3) the first meeting of these two families, in Ellora, after the 30 hour train journey by the Mishra family and myself back to Ellora for this blissful event.

   "To my two very precious families...I know very well that you feel myself to be a very special gift in your life, like a precious gift from God. I know your heart is filled with so much love and gratefulness, at times even moved to tears when absorbed in those feelings.
   "I wish you to know that my feelings about yourselves are the same. You are all a precious divine gift to myself, also filling my life with so much love, joy and gratefulness. I too am very often moved to tears...especially when I look at these pictures...feeling the purity of your hearts; the joy and uplift in your life and my own, as a result of our meeting; and also our ongoing presence in each other's lives. Yes, making the pages in this book often brought all those heartfelt tears of love & happiness for you to my eyes, especially as I also imagined your supreme joy to be looking at these pages, now in your hands. May these photographs forever inspire us with the love & joy we all shared during these times together.
  "I love you very much, and will always pray for your well-being in life."
                                            Ananda Baba

Jai Ma, Jai Shankar, Hari Om
Om  Shanti, Shanti, Shanti, Om

These photo-collage pages will be bound in a book (with the words in this box as an introduction),
and sent to each of the families as a gift...for myself, a gift just as precious as all else we have done together.

If you start with "Book Cover" there will be a "next button" for viewing the book, page by page.

Thank you ever so much for visiting, and for your own feelings as you look into the eyes and hearts of these pure souls.

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Bookcover-Mishra family
BlissBook cover-Mishra family
Cover-Mishra family
Full Mishrafamily Collage
Heera (Mom)
Heera (Our Super Mom)
Sunflr-Heera-Jai Ma
Sunflower card-Heera-Jai Ma
Amar (Dad)
Amar (Dad)
Ruby-Lakshmi Mandala
Ruby-Lakshmi Mandala
Ruby-Lakshmi Party
Ruby Lakshmi Party
Jyoti Devi
Jyoti Devi
Gautam & Sagar - the Love brothers
Gautam & Sagar - Divine Love Brothers
Super Cool Mishra Kids
Super-cool Mishra Kids
Dharasu-Mtn. Outing
Dharasu - Mountain Outing
Mishra Family Heart
Ananda - 3 shots
Ananda - Thank you for your love
Swami Sharadpuri
Swami Sharadpuri
Founder of their English language School
BlissBook cover-Sarubai family
Cover-Sarubai family
Sunflr-Sarubai-Jai Ma
Sunflower card-Sarubai-Jai Ma
LakshmiAnand Restaurant
Sita Yogini Ma
Sita Yogini Ma Om
Sweet Sunita
The Angel Sisters
The Two are One
Family Fun
Caves & Kailash Temple
Caves & Kailash Temple
Bliss at the Caves
Ananda & families
Ananda and Families
Holding Precious-Jy&Sita
Always, I will hold you precious
Heart Sisters
The Heart Sisters
God is Love
God is Love...We are One
Ananda-8x10 oval

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti, Om

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