The World is Onethere are many people and nations.
      Truth is Onetaught by many religions.
       God is Oneyet, with so many names.

Samadhi Hermitage
A Meditation
Caves Retreat Center
Madrid, New Mexico - USA

Samadhi Meditation Cave
One-Month Meditation Cave
Hermitage Crystal Cave (India)


    Tapasyalaya [Sanskrit] means "place of spiritual retreat for yoga and meditation". In its strict sense, the root "tapasya" refers to deep meditation and various austerities used by yogis for self-purification to achieve enlightenment and liberation. A solitary place, such as a meditation cave,  is usually sought out for such an undisturbed, silent meditation retreat.

    The Samadhi Hermitage Meditation Retreat Center, with two Meditation Caves located in mountainous foothills of New Mexico,  provides opportunity for a spiritual retreat in the style of tapasya … not austere, but as a place of retreat for superb stillness, silence, solitude, yoga, meditation and refreshment of one's life … with undisturbed continuity, just like a monk, sadhu, Himalayan yogi, etc.  Our third meditation cave, the Samadhi Hermitage Crystal Cave (India) is located in Ellora, India … a place of ancient Buddhist, Hindu & Jain caves carved into the volcanic hillside.

    Fruit trees, grapes, garden beds, and cactus are interspersed with areas for sitting, walking, meditation & yoga...all to provide sanctity, serenity, natural beauty, organic food, and mindfulness (the cactus). A flagstone yoga deck is tucked among the giant cactus outside the cave; and behind us, a beautiful secluded canyon for walks, sitting, and another unique meditation retreat.

    Throughout history, sages, saints, and yogis have gone to the mountains, caves and deserts for their meditation/yoga retreat. The high-elevation deserts of northern New Mexico, surrounded by mountains, provides a superb climate (moderate in all seasons), clean air, stillness, beauty, and an incredible sense of personal expansion due to the expansive vistas. One truly expands as far as they can see.

View to the South.
    The Samadhi Meditation Cave is on the hillside, at right edge of photo; Samadhi Hermitage Long-term Meditation Cave, when under construction, is on the Hillside in middle of the picture. The garden contains grapevines (caged in against the birds); apricot and pear trees. Town of Madrid (and Santa Fe) are to the North.  The glazed roof covers the greenhouse; the shingled roof is part of the main building.

      In a Meditation Cave we are within the womb of the Earth Mother. When we go outside for any reason, there can be a wonderful sensation of newness, of "being a visitor" to the external world; and, of how temporary is our presence on this planet earth. Thus, dwelling in our inner self, as one does in a meditation cave, becomes a very viable sensation when we step out of the cave.

    A spiritual retreat … especially in a meditation cave, and especially in New Mexico … can be a true "life-affecting departure" from the norms of one's material and physical world. Some people are so ready for this shift, this departure, that there truly is … "No going back!".

    The Samadhi Hermitage Meditation Caves & Retreat Center is an oasis amongst the greater oasis of New Mexico.

Also, it is a nice taste of India, and the spiritual gifts India has provided and dwelled in for centuries.
Photos of various saints, & other holy people, are found throughout the Hermitage … looking at us!
Gazing in their eyes is a meditation and spiritual journey in itself!

Other services provided by the Hermitage:

(a) counseling & support - health, diet, yoga, meditation, spiritual awareness, awakening, grieving, death, comparative theology, proper relating;
(b) distribution of various writings by the founder or other hermitage associates;
(c) residence quarters and basic needs for a teacher (Monk), who will also function as caretaker and manager of the hermitage;
(d) charitable assistance for individual, family and village uplift in India, Sri Lanka, and USA; and,
(e) any other chosen contributions to the spread of peace, health, spirituality & well-being in this world.

Previously known as "World Citizens for World Peace," the Hermitage was established in the Santa Fe area of New Mexico, in September, 1985, by the Founder and Monk, Ananda Baba (Francis Ananda Love), under the sponsorship of the World Citizens Foundation (San Francisco). In 1994, the Samadhi Hermitage was established as an independant 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Construction of the roof for the Samadhi Hermitage CaveFrom 1985-1994, principal activities were the construction of all facilities, creation of the fruit orchard, charitable services in India & Sri Lanka, counseling (mostly by telephone), and peace work through mailings of spiritual and peace-oriented writings.

The Samadhi Cave was constructed throughout 1991-92. The Long-term Meditation Cave and our India Ashram were completed in the fall of 2014 … two "on & off" 6 year construction projects!


Samadhi Hermitage, Madrid, New Mexico, USA
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Advaita Ananda Samadhi Ashram - Ellora, Maharastra, INDIA

Advaita Ananda Samadhi Ashram
= now -- FOR SALE =
Ananda's Ashram and the
Samadhi Hermitage Crystal
Meditation Cave
Construction Days - 2009-2014
Six years, on and off,
our India Ashram. 
Stone walls, construction folks, etc.
Glimpses from the Past - 1994-2002
Collages and Stories of two
Indian families.
Still we are with two children from each!
Jyoti & Sagar in Mishra family;
Sita & Sagar in Tambe family.
Hearts and Faces in Stone
India Ashram Stone masonry fun!
"Miles  of Smiles"
Families & friends… in bliss!
 Samadhi Hermitage - India Trust
We are officially non-profit in India.
Shivani Puri
  Kids and families
at her Ashram
in Amar Kantak, headwaters of the Narmada Ganga.
The Roy Family, in West Bengal
  A true Gandhian family totally dedicated to village service and uplift.
Sita's Family
Sarubai Tambe Family Residence.

Would you like to help with Social Work in India?
$10-20/month is NOT a hardship for most of us; yet it can do wonders in 3rd world countries!
For assistance to poor folks in any 3rd world country, no amount is too small.
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Telephone: (505-473-3560)

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